Can you write for The Freeman Chronicle?

You can send a post to The Freeman Chronicle about any subject, whether it is factual or personal. Your submission needs to be made exclusively for us. The vast majority of articles are at least 800 words long, though there are a few that are significantly shorter.

Please email your submission to or upload it directly here. Please include the author's name, the topic, and a copy of the article in the subject line before pasting it into the message body. Please include the image in the message if you have one. Be sure to include a brief biography of the author as well as links to their social media accounts.

We will make every effort to read the manuscript as quickly as possible. Within the next five days, an editor at The Adelaide Evening Post will get in touch with you to let you know whether or not the article will be published.

Reach your press release and disclosure targets. Be the news everyone talks about.


Do you want to be a guest on the Explain Why Podcast?

If you want to be a guest on the podcast, you must work as a researcher or academic at a university or research institution. You are a professional journalist, an expert in their field, or a PhD candidate under an academic's supervision.

Please email your submission to